Project Search

Project SEARCH is a transition program designed to provide real-life experiences that help students with disabilities transition from school to adult life. Participating Millard Public School students take part in this one-year school-to-work program that takes place entirely at the workplace. Total workplace immersion facilitates a seamless combination of hands-on training, career exploration, and classroom instruction. The concept focuses on a business internship model with students rotating through job opportunities where job complexities grow as the skills of the student grows. 

For more information about Project SEARCH please visit their website.

Project Search FAQs

Are interns paid at Project SEARCH?

No. Project SEARCH is a volunteer internship program. 

What are the program hours?

The internship starts at 7:45 and dismisses at 1:50.

Are interns required to bring their lunch?

Interns have the option to eat the provided lunch from The Heritage at Sterling Ridge or they can pack a lunch. 


Millard Public Schools’ business partner is The Heritage at Sterling Ridge. Students are considered student interns and ‘go to work’ each day at The Heritage at Sterling Ridge similar to their employees. While at The Heritage at Sterling Ridge students engage in a variety of job tasks. These rotations may include dishwashing, food prep, dining room server, administrative assistant, housekeeping, custodial, and coffee shop. The Heritage at Sterling Ridge and Millard Public Schools also receive assistance and support from Nebraska Rehabilitation Services and the national Project SEARCH organization.


In order for a student to participate in Project SEARCH they must first be eligible for special education services as specified in Nebraska Department of Education Rule 51 and have met graduation requirements. In addition, the IEP team must determine that the student would benefit from placement in a transition program. Additionally, the student should be in their last year of transition through their IEP. Once this has been determined and the team feels that the Project SEARCH program is a viable option, the student will submit an application for the program. Participation in a skills assessment and interview are also part of the selection process. Based on the student’s performance, the Project SEARCH selection team will determine 8-10 candidates who will participate each year.

Desired Outcomes

The goal of the program is competitive employment in an integrated setting for each student intern at the end of the experience.